No Pain No Fear

Harvey Beef is proudly owned by Harvest Road.

Harvest Road’s No Pain No Fear Statement

Our definition of No Pain No Fear is an unwavering commitment to eliminating pain and fear from the last stages of an animal’s life.

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For us it’s not just a license to operate. It’s genuinely what drives us. We deliver firsts. We do things bigger and better. We are coming up with new terminology, because some of things we are striving to achieve don’t currently exist. Our end to end supply chain and commitment to always do more in regards to No Pain No Fear and Environmental Sustainability means our customers don’t have to compromise their values when they choose a Harvest Road product.

Our key areas of focus are outlined below:

No Pain No Fear:

Harvest Road’s No Pain No Fear vision inspires us to go above and beyond existing animal welfare standards to eliminate pain and fear for animals. We are committed to continuous improvement of animals’ physical and mental wellbeing and are determined to achieve the highest level of animal welfare in the world.

Guiding principles:

  1. The Harvest Road culture prioritises the wellbeing of animals and ensures our behaviours are always in the best interest of animals.
  2. We go beyond the Five Freedoms to provide animals the highest level of physical and mental welfare possible across the five domains of nutrition, environment, health, behaviour and mental state.
  3. Our people are empowered with the knowledge, skills, equipment, and leadership to safely care for animals.
  4. We are passionately committed to continuous improvement through generating ideas and science backed innovation to set global best practice animal welfare standards.
  5. We aim to take a leadership role in driving positive change on animal welfare through education and engagement with industry, consumers, governments and other stakeholders around the world.