“Just a rump steak?!”

Australian Beef is the greatest meat on earth is the message to consumers from Meat & Livestock Australia’s (MLA) new domestic beef marketing platform.

The new platform evolves from the previous “You’re Better on Beef” campaigns and inspires consumers to reconnect with beef by incorporating messages spanning versatility, nutrition, provenance, welfare, sustainability and eating quality under the slogan “Beef – The Greatest Meat on Earth”.

The commercial starts off in a local butcher shop and cuts to famous landmarks across Australia and around the world to show how a customer’s request for ‘just’ a rump steak fails to do justice to the greatness of beef.

Watch the new commercial below.

Or watch the longer version focusing on the nutritional benefits of beef below

If you want to find out more about the provenance of Aussie beef click below

And finally beef is such a versatile meat – click below to find our more.

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