Harvey Beef’s new general manager Wayne Shaw presented at a public forum for the first time since taking the helm at the processing plant.

He introduced himself to producers and spoke about the future direction of Harvey Beef.

With a new brand, Mr Shaw said Harvey Beef is also keen for further change.

Harvey Beef plan to focus on improving feedback by developing the lines of communication throughout the supply chain and upgrading the Harvey plant.

“The Forrest’s (Andrew and Nicola Forrest) are passionate about the industry and really do want to see the cattle industry doing well,” Mr Shaw said.

“Harvey Beef sees opportunities for doing things better.

“It is improving efficiencies, through a range of products and better serving our customers.”

Mr Shaw said Harvey Beef planned to eliminate bottlenecks and upgrade older technology and systems to be more efficient.

“There will be more jobs out of it,” Mr Shaw said.

“We will be undergoing upgrades shortly… it will allow us to produce a product our customers are demanding.”

Mr Shaw said there were a few things producers could do to make it easier for Harvey Beef to extract better value to return to the producer.

“Animal welfare is absolutely critical,” Mr Shaw said.

“We get audited all the time by our customers, and one of the first things they look at is how the cattle look coming in, how we are treating them, slaughtering them and ensuring the animal is being taken care of at all times.”

Mr Shaw said Harvey Beef was taking all cattle types from the Kimberley to Esperance, including grass and grainfed cattle to service their variety of customers all over the world.

He said the processor was servicing a number of markets, and announced recently this now includes the Malaysian market.

“Malaysia is a new market for us,” Mr Shaw said.

“There are opportunities there and they value the trust in the food source aspect of WA beef.”

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