Our Farmers


Meet the hardworking, passionate farmers breeding and raising our quality cattle.

Ross Wright

  • Cattle breed:Angus / Murray Grey, they hold their condition longer on dry feed in the summer months.
  • Favourite cut:Cube Roll / Scotch Fillet
  • Favourite recipe:Roast beef, cooked in an old charcoal Weber.
  • Favourite occasion:Any time but especially with the Grandchildren.

Stuart McCormack

  • Cattle breed:Southern Bred Poll Shorthorn
  • Favourite cut:Cube Roll (Roast/Steak)
  • Favourite recipe:A very well rested, medium rare steak seasoned with salt flakes. Also, a slow roast with baked veggies and crispy potatoes. A home made gravy made from the juices always makes the dish.
  • Favourite occasion:Catching up with family or friends at home is always a great occasion to enjoy a beef dish, but then saying that, every day is a great occasion to enjoy beef!

Gordon and Steven Atwell

  • Cattle breed:Euro Cross, better performance
  • Favourite cut:T-Bone, Fillet, Rump
  • Favourite recipe:BBQ, can't beat the taste of a good steak!
  • Favourite occasion:Everyday!

Kelliher Bros Family

  • Cattle breed:We breed a Hereford/Shorthorn cross. Both have excellent temperament and work best for our production system in our rainfall area.
  • Favourite cut:Tenderloin
  • Favourite recipe:Steak, obviously! Although Dad (Shane) makes an excellent stir fry with scotch beef and ginger.
  • Favourite occasion:Any occasion is a good reason to eat beef!

Erica and Vern Pitter

  • Cattle breed:Holstein Friesian
  • Favourite cut:T-Bone
  • Favourite recipe:Roast beef with garlic and red wine
  • Favourite occasion:A family BBQ